We believe that the best architecture has the ability to move beyond form, style and materials.
At Ambience Designs, we build spaces that transcend beyond responding to the needs of those who use them.

It is no small thing to leave a mark on the world.

Our responsibility is both inspiring and humbling: to create a positive, lasting impact through design. We value empathy, are fueled by curiosity, and embrace the hard work that leads to innovation.

Care, Skill & Attention to Detail.

At Ambience Designs, we are committed to design excellence and innovation. By employing a highly participatory and collaborative design process, our team of talented professionals creates architecture that is both proud and humble, stays true to its purpose, and creates a sense of place that is meaningful to the society it serves.

Better Process, Better Results.


Our core process is based on developing a deeper understanding of the needs and goals of all stakeholders. We don’t push an agenda or bring templates to the discussion. We sit at the table as a facilitator, not a lecturer. Engagement is not a formality or a burden—it is the foundation of our designing process.

Research & Design.

We take a broad definition of sustainability, including health and well-being as vital components of any facility. We understand the deeper connection between the environment and quality of life. And we recognize a truly sustainable building is flexible and adaptable enough to survive the test of time.

Build & Deliver.

We create high-performance, environmentally-conscious projects that deliver greater value at lower cost, improve efficiency, and reduce operational and maintenance costs for our clients. All our work tells a consistent story. Our open, inclusive process has created places that excite, captivate and bring people together.

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Commercial Workspace

A brilliantly finished project by the Ambience Designs' Team. Perfectly suited to our needs, they made sure it reflected the aesthetics of our brand.

A Proven Track Record

We are proud of the relationships we’ve developed over the years, and remain passionate about exploring new partnerships and new ideas to create buildings and places that are ecologically restorative and resilient. Places that benefit the environment, improve the bottom line and remain a vital part of the community for generations.
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