Curiosity is the root of our creativity

We are a national multidisciplinary design firm rooted in architecture and engineering. We believe that the best design results from deep insight into the people and passions that animate each unique environment.

Founded in the year 2000, we are an end to end design studio offering a bespoke and leading edge to design.

Partners Joita and Rajiv have built this company on their shared passion for design. With over 25 years of design experience, they understand that the success of a design project lies in the precise comprehension and execution of detail.
We at Ambience Designs, employ a holistic, research-based approach to design. Our work is always built upon a foundation of deep, penetrating insight into client needs; it is fueled by empathy, curiosity, and our resolve to deliver the extraordinary. We are driven to understand broad social and technological developments and market-specific challenges, and to delve deeply into our clients’ organizations. In addition to the insight from our design teams, our unique collective of in-house specialists—process engineers, design thinking specialists, evidence-based researchers, and others—work together to help us understand what is critical to the quality of our clients’ work, and thus to ours. On this foundation of fresh understanding, we help clients create purposeful design with an enduring impact.
We are uniquely adept at working together to create holistic solutions. Our team-based process encourages vital knowledge sharing, allowing the diversity of a project’s needs to be integrated early on. This results in a more powerful, efficient process, a better design experience, and a higher-performing, more purposeful, and more enduring solution for our clients.

Our core process is based on developing a deeper understanding of the needs and goals of all stakeholders. We don’t push an agenda or bring templates to the discussion. We sit at the table as a facilitator, not a lecturer. Engagement is not a formality or a burden—it is the foundation of our designing process.

Research & Design.

We take a broad definition of sustainability, including health and well-being as vital components of any facility. We understand the deeper connection between the environment and quality of life. And we recognize a truly sustainable building is flexible and adaptable enough to survive the test of time.

Build & Deliver.

We create high-performance, environmentally-conscious projects that deliver greater value at lower cost, improve efficiency, and reduce operational and maintenance costs for our clients.

All our work tells a consistent story. Our open, inclusive process has created places that excite, captivate and bring people together.