Our Services

We are a multidisciplinary design firm rooted in architecture and engineering. We believe that the best design results from deep insight into the people and passions that animate each unique environment.

Architectural Engineering

Our industry-leading engineers design highly integrated facilities where every aspect is carefully conceived to provide the desired experience within the built environment, perform reliably and efficiently support the anticipated outcomes. By providing well-informed custom design solutions for our clients, our engineers are able to adapt rapidly to the unique challenges of a variety of market sectors and building types.

Experience Design

Our multidisciplinary team partners with clients to craft meaningful and memorable experiences. Our approach weaves thoughtful user interactions executed across multiple integrated channels with a variety of technological, operational and spatial considerations. We begin by understanding, and often reframing, the problem to go beyond obvious solutions. 

Our clients include healthcare, manufacturing, real estate and community development, and education businesses.

Interior Design

We apply a comprehensive cross-disciplinary design process and studio approach to creating interior environments that support an organization’s mission and elevate the user’s experience. Whether we’re designing a start-up corporate office or a 500-bed acute care facility, we know that the most ambitious goals are achieved by paying attention to the smallest details. Our experienced interior designers balance the increasingly important role of technology with the need to create sustainable, humanistic and comfortable spaces.

Landscape & Site Design

As a fully integrated design firm, our landscape and site designs are holistically linked to the building envelope and engineering systems. We create spaces that are unique, yet an inextricable part of the whole. We begin with visioning sessions that establish high-level goals for what the design needs to achieve, and then develop a language for spatial quality that responds to user needs. We consider public and private as well as interior and exterior connections that are vital for creating inviting, active sites. We focus on the human dimension of design and strive to elevate the expression of the natural environment as it relates to the entire project context.

Lighting Design

Our lighting specialists understand both the art and science of illumination. They’re at the forefront of emerging technologies and daylighting strategies, oftentimes writing design manuals and standards for our clients. Our lighting designs give form and character to spaces while improving visual performance, supporting visual comfort, and engaging occupants. We work to fully integrate lighting with architecture, creating dynamic and exciting spaces across all building types and environments.

Product Design

Product development stems from a need for something better. We collaborate with manufacturers to develop products to meet the needs required by ever-changing markets, whether it’s the need to work more efficiently with a new caregiver workstation, or the desire to have textiles that not only look good but work well. We explore performance, pattern, function, durability and color to develop a wide range of award-winning products that meet the emerging needs of our clients in a variety of markets.

Our Clients